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Nanotune with Taj Burrow

Nanotune ist eine Boardbeschichtung die den Wiederstand des Boards im Wasser reduziert. // Taj shows us here how to get the best results with Nanotune. NanoTune is revolutionizing the water sports industry by adding scientifically engineered cutting edge nanotechnology into the board manufacturing process. Surf boards and other related water craft will now be delivered NanoTuned, direct from the approved manufacturers factory to a shop near you. NanoTune creates a super slick hydrophobic ( water repellant) coating which cures to your board. The NanoTune clear finish coat will dramatically increase the performance of your equipment through increased speed and greater thrust during manoeuvres as well as longer and smoother glide across the water surface, thus making it easier to catch more waves and power around those flat sections. Less board stick when launching airs and providing more forgiveness on landings, extra barrier of UV protection as well as filling in all pores and pinholes that currently exist in today's manufacturing process, adding longer life to your equipment when you NanoTune an older board or related water craft, you will be revitalizing your equipment so that it will ride and feel like new again . In addition to factory NanoTuning, you are able to purchase DIY premium NanoTuning kits and NanoTune Speed Wipes online or at your local surf shop so you can ensure your equipment is always performing at its optimal level. DIY kits consist of 2 fast and easy steps. Within minutes your equipment is NanoTuned.