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Norderney 2015 / Dominik Wallner

I cant belive it. My first victory after 5 years of hard training. Last year, i've got the 3rd place on my very first competition in Warnemünde. Out of that, I realised, it is possible to win. At the first Tourstop this year I got kicked out by Jakob Kiebler. And then, after two months of practicing i managed to win against him in the final. The conditions of Norderney were so tricky and almost every Rider struggled with these type of condition. But in the end, my practicing and learning new tricks payed off and I won the Event. Overall I made the second place. So stoked about that result. Im the German U-18 Vice Champion of 2015. Big shout out to everyone who motivates me on the water. THANK YOU GUYS!! See ya on the water.