GTV Video :: I-157 Raimondo Gasperini Jericoacoara 2017 Training ansehen :: I-157 Raimondo Gasperini Jericoacoara 2017 Training

I-157 Raimondo Gasperini Jericoacoara 2017 Training

 Raimondo Gasperini bastelt mit seinen 51 Jahren noch immer hochmotiviert an Freestyle Moves und entschied sich auch diesen Winter die Weihnachtszeit in Brasilien zu verbringen. Nicht die schlechteste Wahl, wenn man sich das neue Video des Italieners ansieht. „Ray“ bietet auch Camps an, wo er seine enorme Erfahrung und einiges an Motivation an die Teilnehmer weitergibt.

Here's the video summary of intensive training, other than those released to date, because Ray Gasperini has tried to do the maneuvers is old school footage that New School with some original images, which may help you understand the important moments in the execution of some of his favorite move, from 360 to carving foward, ponch and difficult Taka wake ..
The shots are special and there is a list of maneuvers from different perspectives both front and POV (point of view - from the webcam on board) and edited together.
Also inside there are also moments of Sup Wave and some evening to best convey the atmosphere of this magical place. Jericoacoara haven of many attractions. Good vision
Stay tuned.