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A Boy's Journey - Crossing the Alenuihaha

 The Alenuihaha Channel has a foreboding reputation known as some of the most treacherous waters of Hawaii. Spanning almost 30 miles between the big island and Maui, reaching a max depth of 6,810 feet, “Alenuihaha” means “great billows smashing” in the Hawaiian language and is not a body of water to be taken lightly.

In July of 2020, 11-year-old Bobo Gallagher set out to cross the Alenuihaha Channel via Foil Wing. With the help of his family and huge community of supporters, many of who are renowned Hawaiian watermen, he successfully became the youngest person to cross the channel by personal watercraft and also the first person to ever do it via Foil Wing. To share the journey of this momentous feat, Bobo and his team will release a movie filmed during the crossing, coming out November 2020 called “A Boy’s Journey; Crossing the Alenuihaha”.

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